Hot Fax 2 Email Frequently Asked Questions


How can this service be free?

- We earn income on the minutes generated by incoming faxes.


Free....what is the catch?


  1. -          No catch, it is really free! If you like our service then all we ask is that you make use of this free service and hopefully recommend it to others. However you are under no obligation to do so.


I registered and cannot find my faxes in my e-mail inbox?


  1. -          Please look in the trash or spam filter folders. Most of the time the fax will be delivered there. If you have more problems accessing your faxes please e-mail support at


What happens if I change my e-mail address?


  1. -          We will require that you notify us of the email address change so that we are able to update our records and ensure that you keep your unique fax number. Please contact support at should you have any problems.


Are my details kept private?


  1. -          Yes, we only use your details in order to handle support requests from you.


How do I sign up for the For the Hotfax2email Fax Service?


  1. -          Simply click on the fax to email button and fill in your relevant details. Your personalised number will be assigned to you.


How long before my number is ready to use after registration?


  1. -          Setup is immediate


Can I receive faxes to any computer?


  1. -          Yes. If you can access your e-mail, you will be able to view your faxes. This can be done anywhere in the world.


Do I keep my fax number for life?


  1. -          Yes, provided you receive at least 1 (one) fax every 30 (Thirty) days. Failing that, you will receive an email prior to the number being reclaimed.


Do I need to install any special software?


  1. -          No. Faxes are sent to your e-mail as a PDF or a TIFF attachment.


Can I use it outside of South Africa?


  1. -          From most international countries yes, sender must dial 0027.Unfortunately some countries and some operators do not support 086 numbers. Try one and see.


I accidently deleted my fax can I retrieve this?


  1. -          We keep the faxes for 7 (Seven) days and they can be resubmitted on request. Please contact support in this case at


How many FAX2EMAIL numbers do I qualify for?

- As many as you wish! You can connect multiple FAX2EMAIL numbers to one email address or you can attach one FAX2EMAIL number to a maximum of four email addresses.


Is there a limit to the amount of faxes I can receive?

- No not at all, you may receive as many faxes as you like and will remain free service.


There is no charge for your fax number and receiving faxes is also 100% free.

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